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AUGUST 3rd, 2024

Introducing The Host:  GOT KNOCKERS?

Got Knockers is the creative force behind the Central Pa Bigfoot & Cryptid Festival.

Got knockers

founded in 2022

Got Knockers was born on a Bigfoot investigation in the Allegheny National Forest in 2021.  A fellow bigfooter made some pretty cool wood knockers out of a couple of branches.  A Tshirt was made as a joke about his cool wooden knockers.  And that joke Tshirt became the brand you see today.  Got Knockers is not only a brand, but teaches young kids about Bigfoot and other cryptids as well as hosts research investigations in various areas around the world. 

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2024 Festival Speaker Schedule


Bill Rigby

Agents of the Unexplained


Les Odell

WV Cryptids & Strange Encounters Podcast                         


Michael Cook

SossSquatch BBQ Sauce,
These Woods are Haunted-Travel Channel


Jami & Jenny King

Founders of Bigfoot Field Evidence Evaluation Team F.E.E.T and C.O.N.T.A.C.T.


Sharon Buck

Sean Forker & Chuck Larson

Introducing:  The MC's 

Join us as Sean and Chuck take over the duties of MC for our event.  Chuck is the Director of the CARC (Catskill Appalachian Research Collective) and Sean, from Sasquatch Experience, will keep you entertained and make sure everything runs smooth.  Its gonna be a great time!!!!


Make sure to get your tickets ($10) to see these amazing speakers.  Your not gonna wanna miss them!!!!

Bill Rigby

Bill is the founder of Agents of the Unexplained.  He is also a podcaster with a show of the same name.  Bill has seen a UFO, ghosts and Bigfoot.  Bill was 15 foot from the Bigfoot when his sighting occured.  He has been researching everything cryptid and paranormal for years.  Bill comes from the small town of Sharon, Pa.  You can find Bill on facebook and YouTube (Agents of the Unexplained)

Les O'dell

Les O’Dell is a native West Virginian Born and raised in Marion County. He resides in Idamay, WV, with his wife Jennifer and is the proud Dad of four sons. As a young child, Les experienced paranormal activity that would later pique his curiosity about all things of high strangeness. This curiosity would later lead him down the path of paranormal investigating. In 2017 Les founded WV Cryptids and Strange Encounters. In those five years, he has spoken to numerous people about their experiences with ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, and other strange creatures. Bigfoot, however, has been the center of his investigations and research. Les has been invited to be a guest on a number of podcasts and documentaries. He is also a major contributor to the West Virginia Bigfoot Museum in Sutton, WV, and the organizer of the Bigfoot speaker symposium portion of the West Virginia Bigfoot Festival.  

Michael Cook

Michael is the founder of Cook Cryptid Research and SossSquatch BBQ & Hot Sauce. "He has spent 20 years researching Bigfoot and other phenomena stemming from a face-to-face encounter with a Bigfoot in Southeast Kentucky when he was 16. He has dedicated his life to cryptozoology and the pursuit of answers through scientific means." He is describe him as one of the most open-minded researchers out there. He has been featured in books, documentaries and TV shows, most notably Travels Channels These Woods are Haunted. Michael is also featured in the upcoming documentary by award-winning filmaker, Kelley Lockman, I Believe in Bigfoot, which will premier this year. He is working on The Cryptid Cookbook and The Bigfoot: Out of The Woods, a book filled with encounter stories, research and history.

Jenny and Jami King

Founders of Bigfoot Field Evidence Evaluation Team F.E.E.T and C.O.N.T.A.C.T. Mediations CE-5 or Close Encounters of the 5th kind mediations; a human initiated protocol, connecting with extraterrestrial energy . Jami and Jenny native Pennsylvanians have spent their life researching the unknown. As a Reiki Healer and Forest Eco Therapist they study energy in all aspects of the Paranormal. Former tour guides at Mansfield Reformatory and Haunted Hill View Manor. Currently they are writing a book series on how to connect energetically with the unknown. Their interest lies in the physical evidence but they are deeply rooted in showing others how the spiritual and scientific worlds collide to help build a better picture of these unknown phenomenons.

Sharon Buck

I grew up in several rural areas of Pennsylvania. Spending my days out in the forests wandering and exploring , mostly all on my own, even as a small child. Up until 2005, I lived in several other states, including Montana, which I really enjoyed. I came home to Pennsylvania, and my love of the thick forested areas here pulled me back into the woods on a near daily basis. As a result a family of Bigfoot has befriended me. I am looking forward to sharing my story with all of you.




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Introducing our Vendors for 2024

Check out the AWESOME vendors we have on hand for this event:

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2023 Central Pa Bigfoot & Cryptid Festival

What a great time!!!! It is estimated that we had 5,000 people throughout the day......


See what our attendees and vendors had to say:

Nancy Brassington Yost

You did an AWESOME job!! I will most definitely be back next year!! The patrons were great and my "neighboring" vendors were terrific!!


Dove Hollow

We had a fabulous time! Such a great crowd and wonderful time getting to talk to so many people.  We will absolutely be back again next year!


eric noll

We had a blast as well as the grandkids.  Looked like it was a big turn out.


Jeff o'neill

Enjoyed talking to random patrons and vendors about their experiences with BF.  Great memory.  Thanks for putting this together.


Lori Ann

My son & I had an awesome time. This was our 1st Bigfoot & Cryptid Festival!!! The vendors were very nice. We loved all the speakers. My son loved meeting them. We will definitely be back next year! πŸ‘£


Kayla lee

We had a great time! This was our first vendor event and you made it absolutely stress free. Thank you for everything you did for us and to make this event so successful!!